Peerages of Countries Other Than the United Kingdom

Alderman Library has a few guides and bibliographies relating to foreign genealogy as well as a few printed genealogies. To find these, consult the online catalog under the name of the country in question, followed by “Genealogy” (e.g., France–Genealogy).

Following is a brief list of the more outstanding guides and bibliographies dealing with foreign genealogy, with an emphasis on royalty and the nobility.

Alderman Reference
Burke’s Royal Families of the World. Vol. 1: Europe and Latin America; Vol. 2: Africa and the Middle East. London: Burke’s Peerage, 1977-81.Like Stokvis (below) in limiting its coverage to royalty, but not as detailed as that work.
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Henning, Eckart, and Wolfgang Ribbe. Handbuch der Genealogie. Neustadt an der Aisch: Degener, 1972.A comprehensive guide to genealogical and heraldic research in Germanic countries. Includes an extensive bibliography and an index. Good source to consult before visiting Germany for research.
Alderman Reference
CS617.K6 1973
Kneschke, Ernst Heinrich. Neues allgemeines deutsches Adels-Lexicon. Leipzig: Friedrich Voigt, 1859-70; Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 1973. 9 vols.A dictionary of German noble family lines. Entries are generally brief but may give extensive family history, mentioning more important family members by name. Armorial shields are described in many cases.
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CS404 .I5
Koller, F., ed. International register of nobility. Brussels: Les Editions Biographiques, 1959-60.Genealogical dictionary of contemporary European nobility, including eastern European countries that are now Communist. The arrangement is alphabetical. Index.
Alderman Stacks
Z5319 .M8
Municio Cristobel, Benito, and Luis Garcia Cubero. Bibliografia heraldico-genealogica- nobiliaria de la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid. Madrid: Hidalguia, 1958. 2 vols.Bibliography of holdings of the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid in genealogy and heraldry, arranged by author. Index at end of vol. 2.
Royal Genealogies Royal Genealogies. Website.

Family trees for many royal European families from Charlemagne, King of the Franks to Princess Zorka of Montenegro. Coverage is best for Great Britain. Includes handy index.

Alderman Reference
Z5305.F7 S22
Saffroy, Gaston. Bibliographie généalogique, héraldique et nobiliaire de la France, des origines à nos jours, imprimés et manuscrits. Paris, G. Saffroy, 1968-79. 5 tomes.t. 1. Généralités: Nos 1-16008.–t. 2. Provinces et colonies françaises. Orient latin. Réfugiés. Nos 16009-33963.–t. 3. Recueils généalogiques généraux. Monographies familiales et études particulières. Nos 33964-52222.–t. 4. Table générale: auteurs, titres anonymes, matières.–t.5. Supplement 1969-1983.
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D11S87 1966
Stokvis, A. M, H. J. Manuel d’histoire, de genealogie, et de chronologie de tous les etats du globe, depuis les temps les plus recule jusqu’a nos jours. Leiden: Brill, 1888-93; Amsterdam: B. M. Israel, 1966. 4 vols.Outlines the genealogies of major dynasties and royal houses of all countries in the world.
Alderman Stacks
CS587 .V27 1989
Valette, Régis. Catalogue de la noblesse française. Paris: R. Laffont, 1989.This is a directory of the French nobility and heraldry. – Vital Records Information. (checked 10/20/08)This website contains links to U.S. and international sites with information on requesting vital records from many countries.
Alderman Stacks
CS684 .W4413 1984
Wegweiser für Forschungen nach Vorfahren aus den ostdeutschen und sudetendeutschen Gebieten = Genealogical guide to German ancestors from East Germany and eastern Europe. English Ed. Neustadt/Aisch, Germany (West) : Degener, 1984.