Colonial and Revolutionary War (Virginia)

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Special Collections
E263 .V8 A245 1992
Abercrombie, Janice L. Virginia revolutionary publick claims. Athens, Georgia : Iberian Publishing Company, c1992. 3 vols.

Reports that county courts compiled of revolutionary public service and sent to Richmond as court booklets now in the Public Service Claims files, Record Group 48, Virginia State Library and Archives.

Special Collections
E255 .B853 1935
Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus. Revolutionary War records, volume 1, Virginia : Virginia Army and Navy forces, with bounty land warrants for Virginia Military District of Ohio, and Virginia military scrip, from Federal and state archives. [Washington, D.C.? : The Author, 1935]

Library also has 1936 ed. of this volume, as vol. 1 of Revolutionary War records.

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E 263 .V8 B9 1973
Burgess, Louis Alexander. Virginia Soldiers of 1776. Spartanburg, S.C. : Reprint Company, 1973. 3 vols.

Reprint of 1929 edition. Compiled from the land bounties filed in the Virginia Land Office for land grants issued in Kentucky and Ohio as reward for military service in the Revolutionary War. The claims of heirs as well as soldiers are listed; therefore some family relationships can be traced. Index for vols. 1-2 in vol. 2, for vol. 3 in vol. 3.

Special Collections
F 225 .V75 1954
Crozier, William Armstrong. Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776. Baltimore: Southern Book Company, 1954.

Also available as v. 2 of Virginia colonial records. Regiment rosters, land bounty certificate lists, militia officers, and miscellaneous lists of militia men serving in the wars from 1651 to 1776. Comprehensive index.

Special Collections
E 263 .V8 D6 1958
Dorman, John Frederick. Virginia Revolutionary pension applications. Washington, D.C., 1958-
Library has v. 1-51.

Abstracts of Revolutionary War pension applications. Information includes name of soldier, summary of service, list of supportive documents registered with the applications, and number and date of certificate issued. Index in each volume.

Gov Info Virginia Stacks
VSL 2/SO 4 V.1
Eckenrode, H. J. Virginia soldiers of the American Revolution. Richmond : Virginia State Library and Archives, c1989. 2 vols.

Reprint (1st work). Originally published: List of the Revolutionary soldiers of Virginia. Richmond : D. Bottom, superintendent of Public Printing, 1912. Reprint (2nd work). Originally published: List of the Revolutionary soldiers of Virginia. Supplement. Richmond : D. Bottom, superintendent of Public Printing, 1913. Includes bibliographical references.

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E 263 .V8 G9 1938
Gwathmey, John Hastings. Historical register of Virginians in the revolution; soldiers, sailors, marines, 1775-1783. Richmond: Dietz Press, 1938.

Briefly identifies each soldier and gives the source of the service record. Key to sources: p. xiii.

Special Collections
F225 .H68 1999
Hopkins, William Lindsay. Virginia Revolutionary War land grant claims, 1783-1850 (rejected). [Athens, Ga.] : Reprinted by Iberian Publishing Company, 1999.
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E 263 .V8 M13
McAllister, Joseph Thompson. Virginia militia in the revolutionary war; McAllister’s data. Hot Springs, Va.: McAllister Publishing Company, 1913.

Describes the services of each company in the war. List of officers, by county; lists of pensioners. Index.

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E 203 .S13 1969

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E 263 .V8 M11 1913

McAllister, Joseph Thompson. Records of the Revolutionary War : with index to Saffell’s list of Virginia Soldiers in the Revolution. Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1969.

Reprint of the 3d ed. of 1894. Index of Virginia revolutionary soldiers given by W.T.R. Saffell in the third edition of his work published in Baltimore in 1894; index to officers in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 11th Virginia regiments as given in volume I. of Palmer’s Calendar of Virginia state papers …”: p. 39-43.

Special Collections
E 359 .5 .V8 M23 1957
McGhee, Lucy Kate Walker. Virginia pension abstracts of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian wars. Washington, D.C., 1957?-66. 35 vols.

Abstracts of pension applications, including supportive depositions. Information about the family usually included. Index in each volume.

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VSL 2/M 61/2
Sanchez-Saavedra, E. M. A guide to Virginia military organizations in the American Revolution, 1774-1787. Richmond : Virginia State Library, 1978.

Bibliography: p. 197-209. Includes index.

Alderman Stacks
F230 .S84 1933
Stewart, Robert Armistead. The history of Virginia’s navy of the Revolution. Richmond: Mitchell & Hotchkiss, 1933.

Includes “Roster of the Virginia Navy of the Revolution”: pp. 187-271.

Special Collections
F229 .T584 2000
Tisdale, D. A. Soldiers of the Virginia Colony,1607-1699 : a study of Virginia’s military, its origins, tactics, equipment, and development. Richmond, Va. : Dietz], c2000.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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F225 .T84 1939
Torrence, Clayton. Genealogy of members, Sons of revolution in the state of Virginia. Richmond: Mitchell & Hotchkiss, 1939.

A reprint with additions of the genealogical sections initiated in the second issue of the magazine, Sons of the revolution in the state of Virginia. Includes genealogies of colonial and revolutionary Virginians.

Special Collections
E263.V8 V5 1833
Virginia. Commissioner of Revolutionary Claims. A list of officers of the army and navy, who have received lands from Virginia, for Revolutionary services, the quantity received, when received, the time of service for which each officer received land, &c., down to September, 1833. [Richmond, 1833]

Extracted from documents accompanying Virginia General Assembly, House of Delegates, Journal, 1833-1834. Lists name of soldier, rank, line and time of service, number of acres granted, and date of warrant.

Special Collections
E263.V8 V52 1833
Virginia. Commissioner of Revolutionary Claims. A list of that portion of Armand’s corps, which was credited to Virginia, as part of her quota, entitled to land from the United States, and from Virginia, &c. A list of soldiers, (Virginians,) who were reported to the Senate of the United States, as not having claimed their warrants for bounty land, … A list of soldiers (of the invalid regiment, and part of the quota of Virginia) who were reported to the Senate of the United States, on the 18th January, 1828, entitled to bounty land from the United States. A list of officers and soldiers of the Virginia continental line, who were reported to the Senate of the United States, entitled to bounty land from the United States, <See Senate documents, 1827-’28.> A list of officers and soldiers, who have been allowed bounty land by the executive of Virginia, who have not received warrants therefor. A list of non-commissioned officers and soldiers, reported to the executive (in no. 3,) as entitled to bounty land from Virginia. [Richmond, 1833]

“Resolutions of Congress relative to Armand’s corps”: p. 2.

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E 202.5 .V87 1959
Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution. Roster of the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution: 1890-1958. Rev. ed. Richmond: Garrett & Massie, 1959.

Part 1: list of members of the Virginia chapter of the DAR, with reference to each member’s patriot ancestor(s). Part 2: A list of ancestors officially recognized by the DAR as patriots. Each entry includes the patriot’s birth and death dates; place, date, and rank of Revolutionary service; and reference to DAR members.

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F229 .V94 1917
Virginia State Library. Archives Division. List of the colonial soldiers of Virginia. Special report of the Department of Archives and History for 1913. Richmond: D. Bottom, Superintendent of Public Printing, 1917.

List of references: p. 15-16.

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E 263 .V8 W5 1953
Wilson, Samuel M. Catalogue of Revolutionary soldiers and sailors of the Commonwealth of Virginia to whom land bounty warrants were granted by Virginia for military services in the War for Independence. Baltimore: Southern Book Company, 1953.

Includes date of warrant and amount of land given.